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A fire (one we did not start) has burned the building down, we are going to rebuild, but Taco Diablo is currently closed.  We expect to be back up and running at year end.  Keep an ear to the ground, website or facebook, and we will keep you updated.  Thanks for all your support and we will see you soon.

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Taco Diablo

Congratulations to the #Boltwood team. Chef Brian Huston has been nominated for the 2015 James Beard Award. "Best Chef: Great Lakes" Outstanding!

Confirmation that reaching out to bring Brian back home to DT Evanston was a good thing.

Big Bonus! Next Tuesday Boltwood is offering $1 oysters. Do a dozen, or two, pair a bottle of Jean-Paul Benoit Chablis, some small plates, so spot on.

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