It’s taking us longer than we wished, but construction is coming along.  We are targeting reopening in spring of 2016.  We will be located directly across the street from the location we lost to fire, 1026 Davis St.  Check in with us on Facebook, we will start periodic updates a we get closer to opening.  Hope to see you all again this coming spring!

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Taco Diablo

I tell the story of first opening LuLu's 23 years ago, worried that we overestimated Evanston's potential and made a mistake locating here. Why? Because one beautiful Friday evening in July we were painting the store, getting ready to open. Literally not one single soul was on the sidewalk, not one. I felt comfortable enough to take a break, sit outside on the curb and drink a beer, worried by what I wasn't seeing. How things have changed, look around DT Evanston on any lovely July evening today, bustling with people and activity. Just Wonderful.

The Suburb That Tried To Kill the Car

Evanston was failing as a suburb, so it reinvented itself as a mini city. Now the city of Chicago wants to follow its lead.

Oct 23rd, 2015 9:20am • 2 Comments

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